Fan mail from the Netherlands

We got some nice feedback from The Netherlands. Boys are playing FS 17 and send me this picture. Its a nice setup……..

Also send to me were the following picture´s. Really nice set up with Joran´s farm equipment.


Thanks people for the pictures. All feedback is welcome if you got pictures or movies please send them.





GRIMME TECTRON V3 (Joran´s Farm edition)

Original has a bunker of 45.000 ltr. That was for us to small so we rebuild it to 90.000 ltr. Mod is tested in Multi player mode as well in single player mode and is working fine.

Power : 496 Hp/Ps
Speed : 70 Km/h on the road
Workingspeed : 40 Km/h
Bunker : 90.000 ltr
Price : € 269.000,-
Daily keep : € 90,-
Diesel tank : 920 ltr

Working width : 9 Mtr


Phoenix Longwood Truck (edition Joran´s Farm)
462 hp With Transport Trailer for logging
You have to pick up the trailer with the crane place it on the truck.

Then take it to where You want to cut logs. Use the crane to positon the trailer
To the length Of the logs you’re using. After loaded You lock the load drive it to where you want it then use crane to unload it.
Location for mod is in the Foresty
No Errors in Log That’s Cool!
All Is Washable! Have Fun Enjoy!


Credits: Giants Software/Ordaton, NLD Farmers, Ahran von Forbidden Mods Blade_Rider/FS17_ Edit By Eagle355th.


USA Truck pack

In this pack you will find a 3 axle Peterbilt, Mack, Volvo and a 4 axle Peterbilt



DAF XF 510 E6

Here is the Paccar DAF XF 510 HP
Cost 115.000 Euro
Speed 135 km/h
Daily cost 125 Euro

Ronny Sell Store- and Worlshop

This is the workshop from the famous trucking company from the North of Sweden.
All doors are functioning and the sunpanels on the roof will give you an income right away.

Low loader with MB Arocs

In het pack zitten de dieplader die verbreed gekocht kan worden. Al het rollend materiaal zet je vast met Z.

Ook zit er de Mercedes Benz Arocs in.
Prijs 95.000 euro
Vermogen 578 PK
Snelheid 135 km/h
Kosten per dag 160 euro

In the pack are the low-loader that can be bought widened.Cargo lock with Z.
There is also the Mercedes Benz Arocs.
Price 95,000 euros
Power 578 HP
Speed 135 km / h
Cost per day 160 euros

In der Packung sind die Tieflader, die gekauft werden können, erweitert. All das rollende Material macht man fest mit Z taste.
Da ist auch der Mercedes Benz Arocs.
Preis 95.000 Euro
Leistung 578 HP
Geschwindigkeit 135 km / h
Kosten pro Tag 160 Euro