USA Truck pack

In this pack you will find a 3 axle Peterbilt, Mack, Volvo and a 4 axle Peterbilt



DAF XF 510 E6

Here is the Paccar DAF XF 510 HP
Cost 115.000 Euro
Speed 135 km/h
Daily cost 125 Euro

Ronny Sell Store- and Worlshop

This is the workshop from the famous trucking company from the North of Sweden.
All doors are functioning and the sunpanels on the roof will give you an income right away.

Low loader with MB Arocs

In het pack zitten de dieplader die verbreed gekocht kan worden. Al het rollend materiaal zet je vast met Z.

Ook zit er de Mercedes Benz Arocs in.
Prijs 95.000 euro
Vermogen 578 PK
Snelheid 135 km/h
Kosten per dag 160 euro

In the pack are the low-loader that can be bought widened.Cargo lock with Z.
There is also the Mercedes Benz Arocs.
Price 95,000 euros
Power 578 HP
Speed 135 km / h
Cost per day 160 euros

In der Packung sind die Tieflader, die gekauft werden können, erweitert. All das rollende Material macht man fest mit Z taste.
Da ist auch der Mercedes Benz Arocs.
Preis 95.000 Euro
Leistung 578 HP
Geschwindigkeit 135 km / h
Kosten pro Tag 160 Euro

Trailer Pack Joran’s Farm

This is the Trailer pack for Joran’s Farm.

Credits go to: winston9587, Cougii, Klawkalash, Wilson, artemich, Philippdeutz,Gallinger-Design,HeitzersSofaEcke, Giants,

European Truck Pack Joran’s Farm

This is the Europea truck pack for Joran’s Farm. The map will come out soon. Included is:

Mercedes Benz Actros 4×2. 6×4, 8×8, hooklift and swapbody

Scania R700 V8 6×4 and the Volvo F16 6×4

Special thanks to GTX for releasing the volvo to us.

Scania Pack

Scania pack R700 V8 most of you will know the Scania from van de Vlist pack. Well here is the complete pack including the Scania for the new Maverick map called Joran’s Farm.