W.I.P. Joran´s Farm

GreenLine (W.I.P.) No Clue if these will be released in this form but we will see


Joran’s Fram (Work in Progress, Vehicles belonging to the new map called Joran’s Farm.


Ronny Sell, Umeå, Sverige Pack ( Work in progress )



Van der Vlist Pack

below the trucks and buildings from the van der Vlist pack. Soon the be downloaded on this site.


The mods shown here are not ready for downloading or is work in progress. The truck below will not come to download. Its just private use. If you like it and you want it than mail me. My email:

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Fan mail from the Netherlands

We got some nice feedback from The Netherlands. Boys are playing FS 17 and send me this picture. Its a nice setup……..

Also send to me were the following picture´s. Really nice set up with Joran´s farm equipment.


Thanks people for the pictures. All feedback is welcome if you got pictures or movies please send them.





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