Maverick Map

The questions being asked about the Maverick map will be answered here:

Fruit symbols
There are a lot of fruits on the Maverick map. We made a PDF file of two sheets where the fruit symbols are explained.

You can download the PDF files here

fruits_part1     fruits_part2



From Daniel:
can u send me the link for the proper animal transport trailer mod for the butchery or slaughter house on mavericks multifruit map on fs17 please because the animal transports that I have on the game wont let me unload the animals at the butchery.

We use the road train pack from GTX. Works perfect. You can download it via the download link shown here. In this pack is an animal trailer.

Animal Transport  –  These trailers feature Twin Level transport with the ability to move 32 Sheep, 27 Pigs and 20 Cows in the A-Trailer and 42 Sheep, 38 Pigs and 26 Cows in the B-Trailer. They will also transport Chickens in a future update. These smart trailers will automatically open the roof, side windows and start all the cooling fans whenever there are animals inside the trailers. They will also display rear Animal transport signs and display a picture of the current animal type to warn that crazy FarmSim traffic to take care :-).